My Story

My name is Ursula Hardianto and I am a junior at the Bishop's School.  I was inspired to create an event which raises awareness about mental health when my older sister was diagnosed with multiple mental disorders, in the spring of 2015.  My sister, a bright, well-rounded, and self-driven student, seemingly lost all motivation and vitality, causing my parents and I to search incessantly for explanations and solutions.  As we gained knowledge about mental health, we have become more sensitive, aware, and informed. Although the road to recovery is challenging, we have continued to embrace and support her with the help of doctors, therapists, and NAMI San Diego. 


When my sister told me about NAMI San Diego, which she heard from a classmate, I was impressed and incredibly grateful that a non-profit organization advocated for and supported those experiencing mental illness as well as their families. NAMI has helped my parents, sister, and me gain valuable information regarding mental health. I am so glad to have the opportunity to organize a benefit concert which will be benefiting NAMI San Diego. Let A Moment In Time bring us together through the performing arts, allowing us to celebrate mental health and have better awareness of the mental health crisis.